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Belmont Secondary School

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3rd July 2006

king_of_gondor1:20am: Alumni
Hello all,

I was a 2001 graduate from belmont, way back in the day! I also went to Dunsmuir secondary school, which is really close to my house. I'm also a recent graduate of the Camosun College Civil Engineering Technology program with a Cooperative Education designation, and I currently work for Focus Engineering downtown by the Town and Country shopping center.

So, I don't really have much to say, I haven't even been back in the building since I graduated. Though, I've wanted to drop in and say hello to my old drafting teacher Jim Bailey, does he still work there? Anyways, I think I'll pop in every now and then to see how things are going at the old school.

4th March 2006

ellymartin6:23pm: Howdy all,
I don't know if this is aloud by the community, but I'll give it a shot. My name is Elissa Brown and I will be attending Belmont next year, I'm currently going to Dunsmuir Middle School. I just had a quick question to ask any current student at Belmont. The counselor at my school told me there is an after school group at Belmont that meets on Tuesdays, I believe it's called "Sexy West" or something. And it's a gay-teen support group, or something like it. I was wondering if this was true or not. Oh, and I was wondering how well (or not so well) gay students are excepted by the student body; Dunsmuir isn't exactly pro gay so to speak.
Thank you very much for your time, the answers to these questions with defiantly put my mind at ease.

Looking forward to the new school year with ya'll,
Current Mood: anxious

7th December 2005

luvmeluvmeluvme12:30am: so this it for anyone who reads this and is in any of demming's classes:

my parents own a coffee shop and i told demmings a while back that if he came in while i was working i'd give him free coffee. and he came in with his wife and his kids *>_< super cute* and i forgot to give him his drink for free. now apparently he was bitching to one (or more) of his classes about this. would someone be kind enough to tell him my offer still stands, but remind him i said free COFFEE, not free BOTTLED WATER. and he should remind me to not charge him if he comes back. and mention that i usually work on sundays all day.

btw my name is tina kidd and the shop is 'sounds like coffee'

thanx a whole bunch

6th October 2005

dasbrot11:58pm: For any of those grads of 2003 who were in the afternoon ceremony, I have some left over pictures that I just fond. They're of all of us standing up in the theater or whatever it was. The neat thing about it is that it's 3 pictures put together, so that everyone is in it, from wing to wing. It's impossible to identify anyone, but if you know where you and some friends are, it's a neat little keepsake.
Reply to this and I'll get you one.

29th August 2005

veritastragicus2:21pm: School.
Current Mood: amused

9th July 2005

prophetspyder12:45am: So, some scumbag stole my camera (and my learner's license) out of my purse tonight at a house party in Langford (near the firehall).

If anyone knows somebody who recently aquires a camera, or if you're offered to buy one, or see one in a pawn shop, and I can recover it somehow, I'll give you fiddy bucks, pinky swear.

Canon Powershot A510, silver w/ lcd viewing screen, 3.2 megapixels.

It had a few gouges on the bottom from the tripod mount and a couple scratches on the body.

11th June 2005

veritastragicus4:24pm: A single tear is wiped away as I wish all 2004-2005 graduates a prosperous and enjoyable future. Also- do not forget your roots. As crappy as Belmont has seemed, the memories made here (like 'em or not) will last you your whole life.
Current Mood: accomplished

9th June 2005

danieliskooky6:35pm: Dear Belmont,
I am writting you with the intention that someone might see this on their "friends" page and respond. My goal is to get a response from someone who may or may not still go to Belmont.

Hi, I'm Dan. I went to Belmont for grades 10 and 11 and shortly, when I return from my student exchange trip to Belgium, I will rejoin what is left of my classmates and head on to graduation in 2006. Would anyone like to talk to me about the future of our school? I've been around and I can confidently say that we are lucky to have Belmont as our learning playground.

Sincerely, Dan.

PS: Anyone who knows LJ members that are Belmont students, spread the word far, wide and fast.
Current Mood: optimistic

7th May 2005

veritastragicus3:14pm: this community is so unloved. . .

30th January 2005

gigasloth12:37am: Amato
Just wondering if Mrs. Amato still teaches at Belmont or not.

25th December 2004

jynxx36510:16am: Hey Im Becky, I went to this school last year and met a bunch of cool people anyways join this community its pretty cool

17th December 2004

luvmeluvmeluvme12:31am: yo. this is tina kidd. i just stumbled across this and thought, what the hell! yeah im in grade 12, and stuff... (live life on the ledge!) im in choir and vocal jazz. (i like music)... well then... thats me.. the girl with the glasses and ever changing hair colour... wOOt... ttyl

24th November 2004

veritastragicus7:51pm: arrival... sort of...
*cough* *cough* let's keep this short and "sweet" I am Alex Bob(grade11), and I am here now... er, I wish I could have made this more interesting.
*runs away*

*runs back*
OOOOOoooohhh yeeeeeaah.... how about that carrer day speaker guy, eh? *cough* *cough*

*edges away slowly*
Current Mood: sleepy

9th October 2004

roxxxxy8:16pm: hey belmont community...

im a grad of the 2003 class...just kinda posting for no reason at all- hopefully more people get posting on here. it'd be a cool thing to bring belmont people (current, and old) together.

if ur a grad of 2003, drop me an email roxy_0o1@hotmail.com
i'd love to hear from ya!

-stefanie mccallum

28th August 2004

wasabi_kiss9:40pm: hello
kelly m. present, grad of 2004
glad to see there is a community representing belmont
that is all
for now

6th August 2004

christoff862:04am: Avast ye!
Yarr. So yeah. Belmont, shit hole extrodinare. Chris Stonier, 17, grade 12 (finally) and yeah. That's about her. Anything else, comment or whatever. Do what you like. Pose something funny. That means you Scott. Maybe we can get this place off the ground.

We need posters for this thing when we get back to school. That'd be rad. We could get all kind of hombres, essays, and chikas on this thing.
Current Mood: nerdy

26th June 2004

magic_2642:43pm: congrats to all of the belmont grads of 2004, and have fun at the prom! Be safe!

24th May 2004

skahottsan8:03pm: Would you look at that.
This place is just bustling isn't it? Anyone still out there?

7th May 2004

picklehammer10:47pm: hey
just wondering if anyone's active here anymore or watching or anything?

Anyway I'm Tyler... grade 11 at Belmont currently.
Some of you may be interested that Belmont is listed in http://ratemyteachers.ca

I typically hang out in the cafeteria. Didn't used to but friend groups fused sort of and yeah. It actually kind of scares me. It's so... busy and colourful.

I prefer mall trips or hanging out outside... always fun. I have a few friends watching this community, I believe.
Current Mood: blah

8th June 2003

jordin12:16pm: belmont community?!
how long has this been here? i just found it today, good work to whoever put it up, i've been wanting a community for this school for a while.

i'm a 2002 grad, then came back in 2003 to teach with bellis/brown and the tesl students from korea/japan. good times, great school, that's about all i have to say.
Current Mood: happy

7th June 2003

perverted_marsh5:53pm: Hey I'm new to this community and I go to Belmont! My name is Tara and I'm in grade 11. That's all for now! =)


3rd June 2003

gavorkian6:23pm: Unfortunate Accident
For those of you in this community that haven't heard yet an unfortunate accident happened this past weekend involving a Belmont alumni.

Devin Pringle passed away May 31st.

The service is this June 5th - more details below

Read more...Collapse )

13th May 2003

karmen10:20am: Looking .....
Hey :) I have a question ... I am looking for someone that I grad'ed with from Belmont '92. She seems to have dropped off the face of the earth and is not on Classmates.com or Gradfinder.com. I'm taking a wild and crazy chance here but:

Her name is Nicole Wall unless she has changed it from being married or something. She lived in Metchosin for Jr high and High school. And since I now live in Florida it is difficult to make phone calls to track her down. I have contact info on my home page, so if anyone knows anything about her *please* let me know!! Give her my email/AIM whatever, or tell her that I am looking for her.

I will be up at home next week for awhile (*yay*! I miss home!) So I will call her parents and ask but I thought that just in case .... thanks! And what a good idea for a community :)
Current Mood: frustrated
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