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Dear Belmont,

I am writting you with the intention that someone might see this on their "friends" page and respond. My goal is to get a response from someone who may or may not still go to Belmont.

Hi, I'm Dan. I went to Belmont for grades 10 and 11 and shortly, when I return from my student exchange trip to Belgium, I will rejoin what is left of my classmates and head on to graduation in 2006. Would anyone like to talk to me about the future of our school? I've been around and I can confidently say that we are lucky to have Belmont as our learning playground.

Sincerely, Dan.

PS: Anyone who knows LJ members that are Belmont students, spread the word far, wide and fast.
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i know you.
that was a "smart" comment. Don't make "smart" comments.
So Troy he goes to belmont and is graduating this year.. yep..
so you Dan after all your experiences in Belgium are going to return and graduate in 2006 well that seems cool..
so i should spread the word far and wide fast... i dont quite get that but yes..
Can I have your notes...
notes in what subjects??
as i didnt take notes in a few of them...
yeah... belmont still smells dan... hahaha you have to go back next year...
Haha, you. It's Tara Whitney.


August 9 2005, 14:56:35 UTC 11 years ago Edited:  November 18 2013, 18:59:43 UTC

hi dan, it's tyler