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Looking .....

Hey :) I have a question ... I am looking for someone that I grad'ed with from Belmont '92. She seems to have dropped off the face of the earth and is not on Classmates.com or Gradfinder.com. I'm taking a wild and crazy chance here but:

Her name is Nicole Wall unless she has changed it from being married or something. She lived in Metchosin for Jr high and High school. And since I now live in Florida it is difficult to make phone calls to track her down. I have contact info on my home page, so if anyone knows anything about her *please* let me know!! Give her my email/AIM whatever, or tell her that I am looking for her.

I will be up at home next week for awhile (*yay*! I miss home!) So I will call her parents and ask but I thought that just in case .... thanks! And what a good idea for a community :)
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